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Did Your Experience Floaters And Shooting Stars Suddenly In Your Vision? This May Probably Be Retinal Detachment

Did Your Experience Floaters And Shooting Stars Suddenly In Your Vision? This May Probably Be Retinal Detachment

April 21, 2020


Sudden occurrence of floaters and flashes of light may indicate ocular disorders. If you are experiencing such symptoms, immediately book an appointment with the best Retina Specialist in India.

Retinal Detachment

Retina plays a vital role in vision. Any problem in the retina should be considered an emergency. The problem, if not treated properly, may lead to vision loss or many times, complete blindness. As age increases, the collagen-rich vitreous humor gets collapsed. This results in a sudden occurrence of floaters in the vision. Some patients also experience flashes. Flashes develop when the jelly-like substance comes in contact with the retina. This condition is termed as posterior vitreous detachment.

However, in almost 1 in 10 people who suffer from symptoms such as floaters and flashes, there is a deeper serious issue. These symptoms may also be caused due to tears, holes or retinal detachment. The condition requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent vision loss.

Highly myopic people are at increased risk of developing retinal detachment. For a successful vision, preservation may be done through diagnosing and managing the condition as soon as possible.

Symptoms Of Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment may include holes, tears or complete detachment of the retina. The majority of symptoms are due to debris. The symptoms may reduce after some time when the debris moves out of vision due to gravity or may never go completely. As the retina is essential for perfect vision, there are certain symptoms experienced during retinal disorder. The symptoms include:

Floaters: A person with retinal detachment experiences sudden occurrence of floaters in the visual field. The debris may lead to floaters which are seen when their shadow falls on the retina.

Flashes of light: Retinal detachment may cause flashes of light in one or both the eyes. This is caused when the debris tags to the retina leading to its stimulation. 

Reduced peripheral vision: The peripheral vision of the patient suffering from retinal detachment is significantly reduced.

Shadow over the visual field: The patient experiences shadow or curtail over the visual field.

Treatment For Retinal Detachment

There are various treatments for retinal detachment. However, the key to preserving the maximum vision to consult the doctor as soon as you experience the initial symptoms. More is the time between the presenting of symptoms and treatment more is the damage caused to vision. Following are some of the treatment options for retinal detachment:

For retinal tears: Laser surgery and freezing are the two most common treatment methods for the management of retinal tears.

For retinal detachment: Retinal detachment is managed through indenting ocular surface, injecting the gas, and fluid drainage and replacement.

After the surgery, it may take months to improve the vision. Unfortunately, some people never regain their lost vision.

When To See A Doctor

Visit the ophthalmologist as soon as you have any change in the vision. Floaters and flashes of light in your vision indicates a certain serious problem. Please note that any delay in diagnosis and treatment may lead to permanent vision loss.


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