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The Common Misdiagnosis of Some Retinal Conditions

March 26, 2020

It is not easy to understand the cause of medical misdiagnosis. There are many medical conditions, and a lot of them, may mimic one another. Which may get overlooked even by the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment, or even by a highly trained and experienced healthcare provider. Based on the available data, doctors always try their best to come to accurate conclusions about their patients’s health.

However, one of the best ways to minimize mis-diagnosis in medicine at large, and for us, within the field of retina care, is to educate patients.

Ojas, The best retina hospital in mumbai, has a team of retina specialists who are regularly provided with the most up-todate information regarding retinal conditions. This information is further shared with the patients, to help them make confident decisions about their care.

3 Common Retinal Conditions that may be misdiagnosed

Macular Hole:

Being the best retina hospital in Mumbai, at Ojas, we get a lot of referrals from other doctors, and appreciate their trust in us to provide their patients with advanced care.

Sometimes, patients come to us thinking they have Macular hole. However, this misdiagnosis is not too off base. In a lot of cases, we have found, that Macular hole, is actually a lamellar macular hole, and hence the misdiagnosis.

Severity is the only difference between the two, where Lamellar Macular Hole is less severe.

The lamellar macular hole, affects a few or just one layer of the macula, while the macular hole affects all of the layers in the retina.

Macular hole needs to be surgically corrected, while a lamellar macular hole may not require any surgery.

Central Retinal Vein Occlusion:

In this condition, small blots or haemorrhages may appear in all four quadrants of the eye. Clinical data shows, that this is also a trait of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Apart from this, both conditions can also cause macular edema, which is significant visually, during an eye examination.

A Retina specialist may identify the difference, when he notices the presence of disc edema and venous tortuosity (twisting of one or more veins) in the eye, which indicates central retinal vein occlusion.


Peripheral retinoschisis often gets misdiagnosed as retinal detachment, as, the retina may be elevated, in both the conditions.

In this case, the specialist looks for fine details, such as white dots on the retina and a particular shape and thickness of the retina, to come to an accurate conclusion and diagnosis.

Identifying the correct diagnosis is critical, as retinal detachment required immediate surgery to prevent vision loss. However, there is no surgery required for peripheral retinoschisis.

The correct identification happens only when the minutest details are examined.

A comprehensive eye examination’s is never made with the objective to create doubt’s about their referring doctor, in a patient’s mind. It is an effort to continue providing second opinions as requested by the referring doctors, so that, their patients can receive the best care possible

Ojas Eye Hospital is the Best Retina Hospital in Mumbai. Which has helped a lot of their patients avoid surgery and receive correct diagnosis for their eye condition.

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